Keep Customers
Reachable: Add
Routing Observability

TrackBGP provides a SaaS-based 'outside-world' view & data-driven insights keeping  customers reachable

Real-time fault alerting
Anomaly detection & classifiers
Attack Vector Monitoring

Enhanced Routing Observability

TrackBGP - the integrity monitoring solution with an ‘outside world’ perspective: LynkState's collectors & analysis pipeline offer an enriched level of network observability tools for managing routing policies. 
  •  Prefix Hijack Detection
  •  Deaggregate Detection
  •  BGP MITM Detection
  • ROA/RPKI Validation
  •  AS-Path Change Alert
  • Alert History Browser
BGP Anomalies

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Secure Share Insights Across Teams, Customers, and Peers

Reduce MTTR with TrackBGP's unique Secure Share. Alerts are tailored for rapid troubleshooting & immediate detection of irregularities before they become serious problems.

Low-noise high-impact faults

Key route or path changes

Prefix geospatial composition

TrackBGP Alarm

BGP Update & Error Classification

Prefix Classification enables efficient troubleshooting between network operators as TrackBGP instantly classifies error types by severity enabling more rapid mitigation.

Monitoring the entire Internet routing table from globally deployed collectors which feed our Neural Network-based platform enabling “Big Picture” insights about root cause & propagation in real-time.

BGP Events Chart